The mission of ABC Diagnostic and Learning Center is to provide a stimulating experience that promotes each child’s academic, cognitive, physical and social development. Our wide range of programs are designed to meet our students’ individualized needs.

At the ABC Center, we are committed to help our students achieve academic success, as well as develop long-term life skills. The BrainRx mission is to enrich lives through the life-changing power of brain training.

What is the BrainRx? - It is a research-based cognitive training program that consists of 50% one-on-one training and 50% digital training, and has the purpose of enhancing learning skills.

Call us now at +966112819075 if you wish to know more about the BrainRx program. Your child will be assessed by one of our trainers and, further, recommendations will be given.

The ACE® ABA Software System is the premier educational software system for learners with autism. Our educational software package provides BCBAs and Special Educators in public schools, private schools and consulting groups the ability to assess, teach and evaluate progress using evidence based procedures.



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