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The mission of ABC Diagnostic and Learning Center is to provide a stimulating experience that promotes each child’s academic, cognitive, physical and social development. Our wide range of programs are designed to meet our students’ individualized needs.

At the ABC Center, we are committed to help our students achieve academic success, as well as develop long-term life skills. The BrainRx mission is to enrich lives through the life-changing power of brain training.

What is the BrainRx? - It is a research-based cognitive training program that consists of 50% one-on-one training and 50% digital training, and has the purpose of enhancing learning skills.

Call us now at +966112819075 if you wish to know more about the BrainRx program. Your child will be assessed by one of our trainers and, further, recommendations will be given.

The ACE® ABA Software System is the premier educational software system for learners with autism. Our educational software package provides BCBAs and Special Educators in public schools, private schools and consulting groups the ability to assess, teach and evaluate progress using evidence based procedures.

المركز ممتاز بما وجدته من خلال قسم النطق و التخاطب و التقدم الذي حصل مع ولدي بحمد الله و ايضا قسم ال
و الغرفة الحسية المجهزة لخدمة الاطفال و ذوق و تعامل العاملين فيه شكرا
مجهود رائع مشكورين عليه و كلمة شكر لا توفيكم حقكم وشكرا
For the center in general, High-quality service, especially @ OT & speech
Good communication with parents during the day work and holidays
Staff is cooperative
المركز ممتاز الأخصائيين متعاونين جدا تطور ملحوظ في السلوك و الوعي و الإدراك لدى سالي التواصل جيد مع الأهل أشكر لكم جهودكم جميعا
عمر تجربتي مع مركز أ ب ت سبع سنوات ممتازة بجميع المقاييس جودة - ثقة - تطور شكرا
Sofiyah started her speech and occupational therapy in October of 2018 Since starting she has shown worked improvement in her communication and in her hand-eye co-ordination . And physical strength. Her muscle has increased and she is not seeking as much vestibular stimulation as she used to and in trying different movements bravely . Her ability to produce words are move frequent and she is using both sign language and spoken simultaneously. we appreciate the dedication and approach taken by both her speech therapist (sara) and occupational therapist (Eman) . progress is progress weather how slow and Sofiyah has core a long way .
بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم
السلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركاته  
كانت تجربة جميلة وشكرا لكم على جهودكم مع ابني  
بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم
السلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركاته  
أشكر القائمين على هذا المكان الرائع وحرصهم وتفانيهم في  العمل وعلى رأسهم المديرة نتالي وسعيها لتوفير بيئة تعليمية داعمة و أخص بالذكر المدربة :غادة و المدربة \إيمان و المدربة \اسراء على حرصهم و إخلاصهم و تفانيهم مع ابني وذلك يتضح في تقدم مهاراته وتحسن وتطور حالته للأفضل أسأل الله أن يجعل ذلك في ميزان حسناتهم 
بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم 
السلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركاته  أشكر العاملين في مركز أ ب ت من موظفات الإستقبال إلى مديرة المركز وذلك في جميع ماقدموه إلى ابنتي من معاملة وجهد لكي تحقق النتيجة المرجوة 
ولكم جزيل الشكر 
منذ أول يوم لمحمد في مركز أ ب ت إلى اليوم ونحن مغمورين بالسعادة حققنا خلالها انجازاتٍ رائعة وتطورات ملحوظة بدأت في أن ينطق فيها صغيري محمد حروفه الأولى ويكتب الأرقام ويعبر عن احتياجاته بشكل أفضل.. وحينما أقول "حققنا" فنحن محمد وأنا وفريق المركز المتميز والذي يعمل بكفاءه عالية ومهنية متميزة.. إلا انها لا تفقد الام شعور الألفة في المركز.. والايجابية كأول انطباع للمكان ليبقى مستمرا فيما بعد.. سمعة أ ب ت التي قادتني لزيارته والوثوق فيه لم يكن الا حقيقة يستحقها بجدارة انقلها كتجربة ايجابية ..مختلفة عن سابقها شكرا بحجم السماء لجهودكم ..لابتسامتكم كل يوم لكل من ينتمي لهذا المركز الرائع والنموذجي كل التوفيق والنجاح لمركز أ ب ت ام محمد فاتن الدوس. اسم الأخصائيات : منيرة ال شيخ - سونا - غرايس
. Since the first day for Mohammed in ABC Center to this day we are overwhelmed with happiness, we have achieved remarkable achievements and remarkable developments starting with my young one Mohammed uttering his first letters and writing the numbers and expressing his needs in a better manner. When I say "we achieved" I mean Mohammed and I and the team of the center of excellence, which works with high efficiency and professional excellence.. the mother does not lose her sense of familiarity in the center… and positivity is the first impression one would have of the place.. the reputation of ABC, which led me to visit and trust it, was only a well-deserved fact.. I convey it as a positive experience different from the previous… I thank you the size of the sky for your efforts… to smile every day… and for everyone who belongs to this wonderful and exemplary center.. All the luck and success for ABC Center. Mother of Mohammed Faten Aldous. Teacher’s names: Moneera AlSheikh, Soona, Grace.
ABC is a place where i found what i was seeking for. they understood my needs and strugle that my daughter was facing in school my daughter sufferd from ADHD "notn severe" but it held her back in her studies. it affected her in grasping information even though she is a very clever child with a high IQ. She suffered from difficulties in reading and writting both Arabic and English. I am lucky I found a place where my child feels safe and confident and had a great impact on her learning curve

Thank you ABC team
zaid has a difficulty in concentrating for long time , slow in solving home works and exams , he had difficulty in memorizing and reading in addition to writing , after brain RX , there is some improvement in the speed and solving problems and home works .I wish him  more significant improvement , thank you for all the team of this center especially miss heba and miss Natali for understanding and support 
منذ تأسيس المرز كنت أول من نظم في أنشطته وبرامجه، ابنتي لين كانت أول طفلة قدم لها المرز خدماته وظلت الى الآن تستفيد من كل الفرص المتاحه فيه، كان مشواري مع ابنتي طويلا ومتعبا لكن بفضل الله ثم مركز الف باء تاء استطعت ان اساهم في تطوير ابنتي وهي الآن في الصف الثالث في مدارس الملتي ناشونال تدرس في صفوف عادية مع باقي الطلبه وهي بفضل ما تم تقديمه لها من برامج تطويريه في السلوك والتخاطب وبرنامج (Brin RX) تحصل على معدلات عاليه خاصه في مادة ---------، شكر على ما قدمتموه وشكر لصبركم وطموحكم الذي لا تكفيه السماء.
I’m happy by joining ABC Diagnostic center. Four months ago. I was hopeless because of my son. I was fully disturbed because of my son’s behavior. No where. I’m getting support but suddenly one day I found your center on the website. I came to your center and admitted my son both in ABA therapy and occupational therapy.
The environment of the center is very nice and helpful for both kids and parents. It is very well managed, clean and tidy. How my days passed I couldn’t count as if I join just a few days ago.
Thanks for the support from the staff and therapists who are well-mannered and very supportive.
I’m glad to have you as occupational therapist. Grease, you are like a gift for my son because my son’s life changed. He was hyper-active kid who doesn’t like to visit new places, doesn’t sit quiet, he doesn’t have eye contact. He has got many other sensory   issues. But thanks a lot for us hard work, that shows result now my son has changed a lot. This happens only because of u. I’m thankful to have you as a guide for me and my son.
ABA- therapist, I’m happy lay getting you afreen as ABA therapist. Because of your hard work and support my son has changed a lot thank to almighty that I get you for my son. You are my mentor because of you now abdul wahhab has changed a lot.
Hope that my son’s life change and he lead a normal life and goes to school as a normal kid. Thanks once again , to both greace and afreen .for helping a hopeless mother.
كانت بدايتي مع مركز ألف باء تاء للتشخيص و التدريس منذ خمس سنوات بالتشخيص و التدريس لإبنتي منيرة ،أصف هذه  التجربة بالنجاح كنتيجة نهائية لكل عام و خلال هذه الأعوام بالمتابعة و الإهتمام و تقديم كل جديد لمنيرة.
شكراً مركز ألف باء تاء إدارة و هيئة تدريس و موظفين , و منيرة أصبحت جزء من هذه المنظومة 
My son improved in his behavior and started following rules .
i am thankful to your center because i had seen a difference in his understand
سمعت عن مركز ABC
من صديقة لي ، أخذت موعد و تمت مقابلتي و إعطائي جميع المعلومات بوضوع ، وتم عرض عبدالله على الأخصائين و التوصية بالبرامج المناسبة ،تعامل رائع ، موظفات خلوقات و كفء و مؤهلات ، لمست تحسن في ابني و لله الحمد . 
شكراً لكم 
I heard about ABC center from a friend , i had appointment and they explained every thing to me , the in formations were very clear , abdullah was seen by the specialists , and they recommended the subtitle programs , in all of that i experienced excellent treatment and met qualified and well manners employees ,and i noticed improvement in my son's behavior 
thank you 
I heard about ABC center from a friend , i had appointment and they explained every thing to me , the informations were very clear , abdullah was seen by the specatiists , and they recomended the sutibale programes , in all of that i experanced excellent treatment and met qualified and well mannerd employees ,and i noticed improvment in my son's behavior  thank you 
أنا متابعة في هذا المركز من سنة و نص و الكفائات الموجودة فية جداجيدة
جو المكان و الألفة بين العاملين و العملاء (سواء الأمهات أوالأطفال) جو عائلي و حميم وهذا مهم بالنسبة للأطفال ذوي الصعبات.
من أفضل المراكز بالرياض فأتمنى المزيد من التطور و عدم الاكتفاء لانه بفضل الله أولاً ثم المركز تطور ابني بشكل كبير و أطمع بالمزيد .
I have taken kind program in this center for my daugther. Though we were not able to complete the first program, my daughter benefited a great deal....
My child has been 5 months with ABC center. He joined BrainRX program together with ABA and OT. He improved a lot....


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