About Us

At ABC Center we strive to provide the best special education services that meet the individualized needs of all our children. The lack of special education services in the central province of the kingdom has motivated us in creating the first multi-educational service center in Riyadh. We strive to provide the highest standard programs with the collaboration of international centers and programs.

Our therapists and teachers are chosen for their dedication and passion for teaching. We believe that every child needs to feel happy and safe before quality learning can take place. Our aim is to foster a community where staff and students are motivated to perform to the best of their abilities.

Our environment is safe, spacious and well equipped with developmentally appropriate instructional materials.

Our Mission

The mission of ABC Diagnostic and Learning Center is to provide a stimulating experience that promotes each child’s academic, cognitive, physical and social development. Our wide range of programs are designed to meet our students’ individualized needs.

6530 Al Qamra
Ar Rahmaniyah
Riyadh, KSA