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About SensoDetect:

SensoDetect is a MedTech AI (artificial intelligence) company founded in Lund, Sweden, in 2005. Our company is listed at the Swedish Spotlight Stock Market.

Our technology and systems have been developed after more than 30 years of extensive research. The company’s founders have studied clinical psychoacoustics at the Department of Neuroscience at Lund University since the early 1980s. Early on, priority was given to psychoacoustic investigations regarding schizophrenia, one of the most devastating psychiatric diseases. We found that a common symptom of schizophrenia is disturbed auditory perceptions, such as sound hallucinations and inconstancy phenomena. Initially, investigations were predominantly focused on categorizing schizophrenia based on its psychophysiological aberrations. Since then, we have focused our scope on researching additional mental disorders such as ADHD and autism. 

A deeper insight:

The BERA (Brainstem Evoked Response Audiometry) technology has been based on more than 30 years of relevant research. Through our extensive studies in psychoacoustics, we have found several critical differences in brainstem response to certain auditory stimuli, between individuals suffering from ADHD and autism , and those who are considered mentally healthy. Based on these scientific results, we have developed a unique method of stimuli and measurement of brainstem activity.

Our technology measures the brainstem function by stimulating the patient’s brain with sound. From audiograms, discrepancies in brainstem activity can be found when compared to healthy population audiograms. SensoDetect BERA currently aids in the diagnosis and treatment of ADHD and autism.

How it works:

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During 14 minutes you will be seated in a relaxed position and listen to sounds. The brain's reaction to the sounds is recorded via electrodes.


We compare your brain response to our database of diagnosed patients. We will send your result within 24 hours.


Our method will get you an objective response and help you find the right level of care.

How the measurement works:

Diagnoses of ADHD and autism are related to different parts of the brainstem. Discrepancies can be discovered by stimulating the brain with sound. SensoDetect BERA stimulates the patient’s brain with unique clicking sounds through headphones, while registering brainstem activity via five electrodes. The test is carried out in a dark and quiet room and takes approximately 30 minutes.

SensoDetect BERA is non-invasive, safe and resembles an ordinary hearing test. It can be carried out by a trained nurse or caretaker and does not require patient activity. It is common that the patient falls asleep during the test without affecting the results. 


  • Improve the quality of life for people with ADHD or autism

    SensoDetect BERA works as a tool for setting accurate diagnoses more efficiently, resulting in decreased waiting time and less suffering for patients and their families.

  • Receive care and medication faster and in a timely manner

    By using the BERA technology as a diagnostic aid, health care professionals will arrive at the right diagnosis sooner, helping psychiatric patients receive the right care faster.

  • Measure the effects of treatment shortly after its start

    SensoDetect BERA is also valuable in testing the effectiveness of medications shortly after the medication begins, as it makes it possible to directly observe the changes in a patient’s Auditory Brainstem Response caused by the medication.

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