Do you want to be a great parent? Tips For Effective Parenting

The first question every parent asks “How to be a good father and mother?” Here are the best top parenting tips that make you feel more satisfied and fulfilled as a parent.

Allocate special hours just for your kids

It is difficult for parents to stay with their kids all the time; due to their busy lifestyle, especially if the mother works. So, try to steal a time just for your kids, wake up early and have your breakfast with them. Children need to feel that they are in an atmosphere where their parents are caring for their interests and needs. Good parents are very alert to their kid’s talents and they work hard to enhance these talents. If your child feels that they are not getting enough attention from their parents, they misbehave instead. 

Parents who have many responsibilities should reward themselves by scheduling time with their families. Prepare a special night for your little kids would be a great idea, take their opinions how they would like it to be. Maybe contact them continuously when you are away just to make them feel that you are thinking about them all the time. 

Unlike little kids, adolescents might need less attention due to its nature at this age. They usually want a private space. Parents also must be smart about how to treat their children at this age. They should be their friends first and with whom they spend most of the time. Parents may share their children’s interests like playing games, attending concerts and events in order to strengthen the friendship bond.

Good parents are a good role model

Normally, Kids are learning by noticing their parent’s behaviors, especially young children. Before you do something you have to think if this will be an acceptable attitude or not. Children notice almost everything.

Overall, try to model the traits you wish to be in your children in the future such as loyalty, honesty, generosity, Bravery, respect. For example, if your kid watches you pray, he/ she wants to mimic the same movements or maybe wants to play with you while you are praying. A lot of scientific studies have shown that the leading factor for the behaviors of the child is their parents.

Parenting means to express your love unconditionally

Parenting is all about relationships. And really good parents realize that having great relationships with their kids doesn’t just happen by accident. Those relationships are created by commitment, hard work, and unconditional love.

Since most parents do love their children, it sounds like this should be easy, right? Well, most parents can also attest that this is simply not the case. The problem lies in the fact that so many parents do not know how to convey unconditional love to their kids; and, as a result, their children do not feel loved.

For nurturing parents looking for a roadmap, there are some simple tips you can follow to make sure you are conveying unconditional love to your kids.

Say I love you
Verbal Affirmation
Physical Touch
Eye Contact
One-on-one Time


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Parenting is not easy as you thought, for this reason treat your kids as adults! 

Children are not as dumb as you think; they are intelligent and alert, even if they are not fully conscious. As a parent, you should treat your child as an adult, and he/ she requires an explanation of every detail that he or she may be confused about.

It is worth mentioning that children might not do everything just because their parents say so. They wanted simple and clear explanations for everything is happening at home. If you do not give your kids the time they deserve, they will question your value as a parent. Furthermore, if you have a problem, express your feelings, and invite your child to collaborate with you on a solution. Children who are involved in decision-making are more likely to carry them out.

ABC Diagnostic and Learning Center is ready to give you the tips you need for granting your child’s happy life, you can visit ABC counseling service to book an appointment for more child-rearing tips.

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