Enrollment Process At ABC

Enrollment Process at ABC Diagnostic and Learning Center:

At ABC Center we strive to provide the best special education services that meet the individualized needs of all our children. The lack of special education services in the central province of the kingdom has motivated us in creating the first multi-educational service center in Riyadh. Also, we strive to provide the highest standard programs with the collaboration of international centers and programs. Our therapists and teachers are chosen for their dedication and passion for teaching.
We believe that every child needs to feel happy as well as safe before quality learning can take place. However, our aim is to foster a community where staff and students are motivated to perform to the best of their abilities.

Enrollment Procedure:

Parents can visit our website to take an appointment at the center.

Receptionist will arrange an appointment for a casestudy and parents’ interview.

Parents will come for an interview with the General Manager.

General Manager will fill out background information about the child.

Medical records/ previous assessments are provided by the parents.

Child will be initially observed by the therapists. An informal assessment will be conducted to understand the child’s weaknesses and strengths.

Meeting with the General Manager to discuss recommendations (Formal assessments/ programs needed).

If a formal assessment is recommended; schedule a formal assessment for the child for 4 consecutive days.

Formal Report will be provided after 2 weeks.

Meeting to discuss formal report results and recommendations.

Suggested programs will be provided to parents.

If parents decide to enroll in any program, Program Schedule will be set to be suitable to the parents.

An individualized learning plan will be set for each program during the first 2 weeks of enrolment.

IEP Meeting will be conducted with parents /therapists and head of department to discuss the IEP and Edit /add/ or remove any objective based on the parent interest and therapist recommendations.

Therapists will give feedback to parents on a daily basis on the daily communication book.

IEP evaluation will be done in a 2 months basis, a meeting with parents will be conducted to check students’ progress and a progress report will be given to parents.

After 4 month a final report will be given to parents inanition.

ABC Center supports students by:

-Providing a Special Education Team that works with the family to develop an Individual Education Plan (IEP) and implement the strategies within the plan.

-Provide therapy services such as Occupational, ABA, and Speech Therapy.

-Provide Brain Training to sharpen cognitive skills.

-Offer additional support staff such as a shadow teacher to accompany child in his/her regular classroom.