Play Therapy

Behaviour Modification

Behavior Modification is a form of psychotherapy that involves reducing or eliminating behaviors and habits that are destructive, unhealthy or undesirable and learning or increasing more appropriate behaviors. It`s based on the premise that we are all shaped or ” conditioned ” by our environment. behavior modification therapy is an effective treatment that can improve a child’s behavior, self-control, self-esteem ,social interaction ,following direction ,handling disappointment and decision-making abilities.

 Our therapist use an array of treatment modalities for behavior modification therapy like play therapy ,social skills and art therapy .

Play Therapy Program :

1- The target group are 2 years old – 14 years old.
2- Become more responsible for behaviors and develop more successful strategies.
3- Develop new and creative solutions to problems.
Develop respect and acceptance of self and others.
4- Learn to experience and express emotion.
5- Cultivate empathy and respect for thoughts and feelings of others.
6- Learn new social skills and relational skills with family.
7- Develop self-efficacy and thus a better assuredness about their abilities.

Social Skills Program

1- The target group are 2 years old – 14 years old
2- Focuses on the development of the child `s social skills that help him/her cooperate and function in the group. The program works on the child`s weaknesses with his/her social skills. The child, as well, must realize his/her strengths so that he/she can participate actively in his/her environment and develop other skills resulting groom proper social communication.
3- Develop the following main areas:
4- Language skills and social inferences .
5- Body language.
6- Facial expression
7- Eye contact

Art therapy

1- The target group are 2 years old – 6 years old
2- Is a form of expressive therapies that use art to improve
3- The person’s mental and emotional performance. This expressive process involves the expression
4- About the self technically until they help people solve their problems.
5- Develop and control the individual’s behavior and feelings, reduce stress and strengthen self-confidence.

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