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What is AAC?

Augmentative and Alternative Communication uses clinical practice to enable kids to overcome the difficulties in speaking especially those who have impairments in speech-language production or comprehension, including spoken and written modes of communication. AAC methods mainly help both kids, Kids who can speak or kids who are not by supporting kids who can speak or replace speaking for kids who can’t. For instance, the child who can speak, AAC develops them to understand new words and sentences through advanced and motivating ways of learning including line drawings, picture communication boards, speech-generating devices (SGDs), manual signs, tangible objects, gestures, and fingerspelling. etc 

Who might use AAC? 

Some kids need this method to express their feelings, thoughts, and needs, those kids are: 

  • – Children with communication difficulties.
  • – kids who have some physical disabilities such as cerebral palsy.
  • – Children with autism.
  • – kids who have language and speech delays.

Can Augmentative and Alternative Communication assist the child in speaking?

It is worth mentioning that there is a study that supports AAC and its methods which increases the child’s development. They will be more capable to employ verbal language effectively. AAC system based on precise research that works on the functional aspect of the language, and can be also customized based on the needs and abilities of each kid.

Is AAC affect the child to learn speaking?

Some studies highlighted that Augmentative and Alternative Communication does not prove that it will prevent kids from learning. Instead, it encourages them to develop their ability to speak and use a variety of words. In fact, evidence was found out that for children who are able to develop their speech, what will help them to improve is using AAC. 

Furthermore, AAC brought means of communication which does not replace natural means such as writing, gesture, or facial expression for those who experience difficulties in speaking. It deals with each case carefully and develops a unique way according to the kid. 

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