Language And Speech Delay, Signs, Causes And treatment

Speech and language improvement is one of the main functions that parents should notice in the stage of development of their children. Since the level of language development normally varies from one kid to another. So, it would be useful for parents to get more information about speech and language delay so they can figure out if there is a cause for concern or not. We invite you to read this article about language delay. 

Does language delay differ from speech delay? 

There are quite differences between speech and language delay. Language is the communication way to understand and to be understood by others. It also could be written, spoken, or unspoken. So, children who have language delay could say uncompleted sentences; one or two words. While speech is the spoken form of the language, and the children who have speech delay use phrases and words but their parents and peers may have some difficulties in understanding them clearly. 

Language and speech delay

How to know if your child lacks development in language and speech? 

There are signs that parents should be aware of at every stage of their children’s development. If the mother suspects that her kid does not express any reaction to sounds, she must visit the doctor. Here some common signs in case you feel that your kid has trouble: 

  • By the age of 14 months, the child lacks babbling or making gestures like pointing 
  • By the age of 18 months, not able to imitate words or sounds
  • By the age of 2 years, the kids still were not able to talk 
  • By the age of 3 years, kids can say some words and imitate sounds but also can’t express their needs immediately 
  • Difficulties in following directions 
  • Inability to form full understood sentences 
  • Weak pronunciations and producing inappropriate sounds 

What are the reasons behind language and speech delay? 

In some instances, language and speech delay happens because of more than one reason. You can exactly define the cause due to your kid’s conditions. Look at the following reasons: 

  • The shortness in the fold under the tongue can reduce the movement of the tongue. As a result, it could be hard for the child to produce the right sounds. 
  • Autism: all the children who have autism have a language delay
  • Hearing loss: If the child has a hearing problem this could completely affect his ability to use language and imitate sounds 
  • Psychological troubles: it could affect the development process of the child, for instance, kids who have been subjected to any kind of violence may have a language delay because of the shocking and consequences of the incident

Ways to enhance the process of development for the child who has a language delay? 

  • Parents should always communicate with their kids and employs several ways to help their kids express their needs easily
  • Provide your child with games that motivate his thinking and recognition 
  • Read to your child, enriched books with pictures can encourage your child to think and use their brains 

How can speech therapy help your child and how you can treat them? 

The first thing to do when suspecting language and speech delay, you should take your child to the practitioner. After diagnosing, the doctor should guide you to a certain improvement plan according to the child’s case. Furthermore, speech therapists could be more than helpful for your child as they create an integrated improvement plan that suits your child’s case. You can visit ABC website, they provide speech therapy services, book an appointment for more information!

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