What We Offer

The mission of ABC Diagnostic and Learning Center is to provide a stimulating experience that promotes each child’s academic, cognitive, physical and social development.

Academic Intervention

Our children achieve several year gains in reading and spelling in just FEW weeks of instruction!

BrainRX Training

At the ABC Center, we are committed to help our students achieve academic success, as well as develop long-term life skills.

Speech Therapy

ABC services include customized assessments and treatment plans based on the child’s specific needs.

Occupational Therapy

Our Occupational therapists engage your child in activities that develop important sensory, motor, behavioral and thinking skills.

ABA Program

Our treatment is based on essential skills assessment(s), data collection, and family input.


We use an array of empirically based theories tailored to fit your child’s specific needs.

Other Services

Bringing Tutoring To Your Home

Our “Academic Home Intervention" provides your child with professional academic support right in your home.

Bringing ABA Into Your Home

Our ABA Home Therapy provides your child with ABA therapy right in your home.

Shadow Training

--Qualified experienced shadow teachers will support your child during their regular classroom sessions.
--The Shadow teacher will have a deep understanding of your child’s weaknesses and strength based on the psycho-educational report.
--Shadow teachers will follow a behavior plan to motivate your child (token economy system, menu and behavioral contracts).
--Shadow teachers will fill a daily observation form regarding the students’ behavior and academic performance.
--Shadow teachers will follow up on homework, copybooks, worksheets and exams. --Shadow teachers will report students’ progress and send reports to parents.
--Shadow teachers may support students full or part time based on their need.

Homework Club

Need help with your homework?

Come join our homework club at ABC Diagnostic & Learning Center for all subjects including English, Math, Arabic and much more!

Open to all age groups.

ABC-KSA Training and Workshops

Custom-made training workshops facilitated by specialists in various fields of education and psychology. The target audience ranges from parents, teachers, coordinators, school principals, and practitioners. Training focuses on a number of topics in education, parenting skills, psychology and assistive technology.

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