Bringing Tutoring To Your Home

What is “Home Based Tutoring”

Our “Academic Home Intervention" provides your child with professional academic support right in your home.

Our Academic program is not a one-size-fits-all approach. On the contrary, Our curriculum is tailored specifically to meet the individualized needs of your child in Academic subjects like Math, English, Arabic. Home Based Cognitive training is also provided by our Certified Brain Trainers to improve your child’s memory, speed, attention, logic and reasoning.

Home-based Academic Intervention will help your child:

--Retain and learn new concepts through multi-sensory instruction.
--Students gain essential reading skills with an emphasis on phonological awareness, phonics, and fluency.
--Students build decoding and fluency skills in context as they read engaging stories at their own skill level.
--Improve Attention, Auditory Analysis, Comprehension, Focus, Logic and Reasoning, Long-Term Memory, Processing Speed and Working Memory.
--Tutors will also help your child in Homework!
--Reteach what the student didn’t understand in class.
--Teach the material to suit the students way of learning.
--Teach study skills.
--Teach organizational strategies.


Number of sessions: 20 sessions.
Duration of session: 1 hr.