Coping With Stubborn Child: Causes And Solutions

You hardly can find a home without a stubborn child! What are the main reasons for stubbornness, and how can we overcome that? Firstly, let’s learn what is stubbornness in children.

Stubbornness is a bad habit in children, represented by clinging to their opinions and not listening to the parents’ speech or their teacher. Also, they reject any request made by others without any justification for this behavior.

The stubborn child is characterized by some features such as: refusing to hear adults’ orders and insisting on getting a specific thing by crying, in addition to rebelling against parents. Furthermore, they use any way to reach their own goals.

There are some types of stubbornness as every child has specific causes for this bad behavior. So, we have to find the appropriate solutions for the child to overcome his problem.

The main causes of having stubborn child:

Parents suffer from the attitude of their children’s rejection in most situations. This problem could be developed, so you have to solve it as soon as possible. However, the reasons differ from one child to another.

The reasons of stubbornness:

1) Over Pampering;

Parents maybe can’t be conscious about their overindulgence for their sons which affects negatively leading to stubbornness, therefore.

2) Not responding to the kids’ needs:

Not fluffiness of the child’s essential desires and needs such as feeling tired, hungry, or even being sleepy. That results in psychological tension appearing in the shape of stubbornness.

3) Imitating;

Naturally, sons imitate fathers, so we are responsible for our actions and attitudes in front of our children.

4)The social and psychological circumstances:

Those circumstances affect indirect way on children. Their actions and conducts of refusing to obey and listen to the orders are consequences of such circumstances.

5) TV and mobile:

What the child sees of stubbornness scenes on those screens influence children. The child imitates what he/she watches, so we have to keep an eye on what they choose to see.

6) The existence of physiological flaw:

It could be a flaw in the brain that causes this kind of behavior.

7) Impose restrictions:

The child spontaneously needs to move freely inside the home; however, some parents impose some restrictions on their movement may because of a narrow home or the existence of some expensive masterpiece. Then, if you prevent children to practice freely, they conduct negatively.

8) Strong personality:

Some children behave in a negative way trying to show strength and having their personality.

The best solutions for children stubborn problem

After recognizing the main causes for this attitude, we have to know the suitable strategies:

1.The comfortable environment:

The child should live in a suitable social, psychological, and healthy ambiance in a natural way for sound conduct.

2. The good model:

The family members have to watch their actions that children imitate every action the parent does.

3. Offer choices:

Render some choices to your children in some situations not to force every order.

4. Ignorance:

We need to neglect some matters even some bad conduct if that doesn’t hurt.

5. Patience is a remedy for every grief:

Also, for every bad behavior; we need to be tolerant that step by step we can reach our goals.

6. Encouragement:

It’s important to encourage your sons of their right conducts by gifts and praising good characteristics.

7.Talk to your child:

You can be a close friend to your sons, so you know what bothers them and the reasons behind their attitudes.

8. Every desire is not allowed

If we grant children everything they desire, they will not be enough satisfied, and they could become more stubborn and selfish.

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In short, The first and the last responsibility is on the family to watch the children’s actions in all growing stages. To look at the former causes, you can use a suitable strategy to control the negative behaviors. However, if it becomes out of your control, you should consult a specialist to overcome this problem.

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