What Is BrainRx? Method & Features


Is your child showing signs of inattention or loss of focus, weak or diminishing learning, failure to follow instructions, struggling with school work? BrainRX combines personal and digital training to create permanent changes in the brain for improved performance and cognitive skills.

What is BrainRx?

BrainRx or brain training program is a unique, trusted, and effective way to maximise your child’s cognitive abilities. It is more than simple tutoring sessions that impart information. The process essentially changes the way the brain takes in and utilises information, improving a child’s ability to reason, pay attention, learn and grasp concepts.

ABC center trains your brain through game-like mental workouts done one-on-one with our brain trainers. By strengthening the underlying critical skills you use to absorb, process, and retain information, we transform your weaknesses into strengths.  

If you or someone you know has challenges keeping up with school or work, ABC center for educational servises can help.

The Brain Workshop – BrainRx brain training programs combine the proven power of one-on-one brain training with state-of-the-art digital brain training. For a portion of their program, students work one-on-one with a personal brain trainer, doing intense mental exercises that stimulate improvements in brain performance. For the rest of their program, students do computerized brain training in our centers to reinforce and expand improvements in brain skills.

Learn easier
Think faster
Perform better
The result is a powerful training system for people of all ages who want to:
  • Improve the brain’s ability to think, read, learn, reason, remember and pay attention.
  • Maximize learning potential.
  • Master English studies with greater ease.
  • Experience greater success in school or work.
  • Get help for classroom or homework struggles.
  • Enhance memory and recall.
  • Increase learning speed and comprehension.
  • Improve their job performance.
  • Stay mentally sharp.

Who can we help?

Students who struggle to learn or read do so for a reason, and the underlying reason might be more basic than you think. Signs of trouble that point to possible cognitive skills weakness often shows up as:

  • Difficulty with homework.
  • Trouble reading or reading out loud.
  • Poor comprehension or retention.
  • Repeating careless errors.
  • Inattention or loss of focus.
  • Failure to follow instructions.
  • Repeatedly falling behind in class, sometimes even with special help or tutoring.
  • Students looking for an edge or facing new challenges in college prep, or those simply wanting less stress and more fun learning.

Who Benefits From BrainRx Training?

Because cognitive skills training strengthens skills used in all learning situations, individuals of all ages and ability levels work with BrainRx trainers for a variety of reasons. Some examples are:

  • Elementary school children.
  • Middle and high school students.
  • College students.
  • Adults wanting to improve their job performance.
  • Senior citizens seeking to stay mentally sharp.
  • Students in transition (i.e., moving from Junior high to high school).
  • Individuals simply seek to enhance their skills.
  • Gifted students wanting to get ahead.
  • Individuals with learning difficulties, reading problems, or slow performance.
  • Athletes want faster reaction time, processing speed, and memory.
  • Businesses that want to develop the skills of their employees.

3 Steps to Stronger Cognitive Skills: 

Step 1:  
Cognitive Skills Assessment

The assessment uses the Gibson Test created by LearningRx to help understand how strong or weak each cognitive skill is. Results are given in age equivalent scores (up to the age of about 16), standard scores, and percentile scores.  The Gibson Test of Cognitive Skills is available in two languages: English and Arabic. ​

Step 2:  

During the consultation, results are discussed and a program that best suits the client’s needs and goals is recommended.  

Step 3:
1-on-1 Brain Training

Students do a combination of fun, game-like tabletop and digital exercises created by BrainRx that vary in complexity and intensity. Working with their trainers, students are challenged to go out of their comfort zones to address cognitive weaknesses while enhancing strengths.

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