How To Deal With Kids’ Jealousy

kids jealousy

Jealousy is regarded as a normal human behavior at all ages and no one can deny this; as long as it is within certain limits. The presence of excessive jealousy causes family problems, especially in children. It is one thing that concerns parents and they seek different solutions to control this undesirable behavior. However, parents should pay attention to the reasons behind their kids jealousy. Additionally, it protects children from external influences.

It is common for children to express their jealousy of others through their negative behavior. Consequently, it is important to be aware of such jealous behavior.

The Causes of kids jealousy:

  • Comparing brothers, friends, or relatives, especially those close in age. For instance, some parents prefer a young child over the older one. Because of this, they are jealous and provoked.  
  • A new baby is born in the family, and all attention is given to him/her while the other child is neglected.  In many situations, the mother directs all of her attention to the newborn by carrying and kissing, which makes the other child jealous.
  • Wrong upbringing and raising a selfish child make him/her want to gain as much paternal attention as possible. 
  • Kids jealousy could come from the feeling of inferiority in shape, level of beauty or intelligence.
  • Assuming responsibilities out of his capability. The child assumes these duties with great responsibility.
  • A child with a disability feels jealousy and deprivation from his healthy brother.

Here, we render you the best ways to deal with your jealous son:

1-The right upbringing:

A good raising for children starts from the very beginning. As a result, kids are able to feel contented, cooperate, respect others, and appreciate differences in one another.

2-The justice in the home between kids:

The lack of justice between kids is the main cause of the growth of jealous behavior among siblings.

3-To considerate the new conditions:

As parents, you should watch any new circumstances that may occur and affect your kids. For instance, when a newborn baby comes home, he/she will gain the focus of care from parents. However, you should not neglect the other children in the family and you could bring them gifts as a way of easing the jealousy between them.

4-To end the selfishness in your child:

Gradually and patiently, you can overcome the selfish attitude that leads to jealousy. Consequently, you have to search for the reasons behind your child’s selfishness in addition to helping them overcome it. This negative attitude has a negative impact on the kid’s psyche and on his/her acceptance among his peers.  Thus, it is significant to start solving the issue.

5-Have a fun time with your kids:

Parents should spend enough time with their children. Therefore, kids unload their emotions as well as their needs and desires to their families. Here, you should help your kids feel comfortable and confident to speak even in simple matters. Then, you know what does bother them and what leads to such attitude.

In conclusion, jealousy sometimes is natural if it is reasonable and within the limits. Additionally, it could be a positive attitude pushing the child to work hard and be jealous of outstanding students.

As a result, when kids jealousy begins to deviate from its natural limits and adopt various negative behaviors and manifestations, it must be treated and specialists should be consulted. Various forms of jealousy can be expressed through hitting, yelling, hurting others, self-harm, and vandalism.

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