5 Signs Of Wrong Upbringing You Should Avoid!


Param Pujya Dada says, “Every young adult has the potential power to help the entire world. He just needs the right guidance and support.”

Consequently, children should have good experiences in the early childhood stages. This shapes the child’s brain and his/her capacity to learn, deal with others, and to respond life stresses and challenges.

Upbringing children is a so hard mission that parents face in family life. That the core responsibility relies on them. Especially, new parents should recognize the wrong ways of upbringing and try to avoid them.    

Signs of wrong Upbringing:

1.Overprotective nature:

Some parents focus on keeping their kids physically and emotionally safe. Thus, most parents over- care their children and results in making them fearful and dependent. You should protect your children; however, be careful not to spoil them that they become afraid to learn or try any new activities.

Therefore, fathers should avoid smothering their kids and adopt a responsive and authoritative approach. That children need to give their own choices and own decisions too in order to know how to make decisions when they grow up.

2. Expecting perfection:

Perfectionist parents, to some extent, are successful people. Yet, they never feel satisfied enough.

There is no perfection in this life, so do not expect perfection in your kids. That every child has weak and strong points. Thus it is not a realistic goal and the children become frustrated whenever they make a mistake. Therefore, they will be low self-esteem.

You can avoid being a perfectionist by following those points:

  • live your life for yourself and not for others!
  • laugh with your kids even in some mistakes and don’t take all your matters overly seriously!
  • listen to your feeling when you deal your kids and not to what is supposed to be done.

3. Yelling is a sign of improper upbringing:

Sometimes mothers raise the volume of their voice and yell at their kids for some points or orders. However, the children do not respond or do the ordered points! Therefore, yelling is not a successful way of dealing with your kids moreover, it makes them anxious.

You should calm down instead of shouting and explain to your kids the bad effects of their wrong behaviors.

Furthermore, you can follow the coming steps to control your loud voice:

  • Take a few minutes out before any action which is a good way of self-control.
  • Warn your kids before shouting.
  • Figure out what makes you angry.
  • Creat a yes list. Thus they know what is acceptable to do and what is not and result in screaming.
  • Calm first then tell them the lesson.
  • Adjust your expectations, expect the best as well as the worst of the kids’ actions.
  • Realize what is normal for children but abnormal for you. So, use those techniques to control yourself and not to yell at your kids which is an unworking method.

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4. Implementing all their requests:

The kid’s requirements do not end, so you cannot fulfill all their needs. The child by nature does not stop asking; however, you as a father or a mother have to know when to respond and when to refuse not to spoil them.

There are some tips to respond to the demanding child:

  • Stop then decide. listen then think and decide.
  • let your child realize that not all requests are accepted.
  • speak to your child and discuss the request and if it is a suitable time to fulfill it or you can make it later.
  • Grant your child praise if he/she accepts the answer no.
  • Do not give to your kid’s demands.
  • Let your kid know the appropriate way for asking.
  • Before going to the market, make a list of the demands with your child.

5. Not listening to your kids:

kids often misbehave to be noticed if parents don’t grant them the expected attention.

Children by nature tell parents about everything even trivial matters and sometimes parents do not have time to listen. You can specialize time for talking with your child so he/she will not bother you. Additionally, listening and talking with your kids results in a strong relationship.

Here, we advise you to focus on the areas that need the most attention, rather than addressing everything all at once.

To conclude, parents should start to realize where to say yes and where to say no! Where to place restrictions and where to encourage them for an effective successful generation. Additionally. You can read also the tips for effective parenting.

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