How to avoid going through Teen depression?


What do know about a depressed teenager?

Depression is an unhealthy state of mind in which the person feels sad most of the time. Loss of interest in most activities is another sign of depression. It affects differently from a teenager to another on how she/he feels, behaves, and thinks. Therefore, that leads to emotional, mental, and physical problems.

There are many physical and mental changes that happen, and teenagers go through a series of inconsistent emotions. They are falling into depression without recognizing the real aspects of this problem. Moreover, that it may reach the level of suicide! However, if you can discover that early, you can control and overcome its growth.  Therefore,  You as a mother or father are responsible for not letting your kids go through these serious mental issues.

The causes of Teen Depression:


It’s natural to have alterations in the body’s hormones causing depression in some people.

Hard circumstances and social situations:

Some events such as physical or emotional abuse and the loss of parents lead to depression. Furthermore, domestic violence, poverty, or any kind of crucial kids’ treatment are depression reasons.


The family gene increases the risk of teenager depression. Thus, if parents suffer from this dilemma, try seriously to avoid it by early interference.

Negative thinking:

Yes, we can’t ignore the fact that wrong thoughts and beliefs can result in bad behavior. Therefore, know your child’s friends, classmates and listen to them from one time to another to discover the controlled thoughts.

Physical illness:

Depression can be a symptom of a serious illness. So we should search carefully at the diseases’ symptoms and even the treatments’ bad sides.

Bad events:

Death or grief after bad accidents and thinking of such events all time without trying to overcome it may raise the risk of depression.

Explaining the previous factors which result in this mental problem. We have to go and look for suitable strategies for stopping or even avoiding teen depression increasing.

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Ways to avoid depression:


  • First of all, try to avoid your kids reaching this stage of being depressed.
  • Allow unstressful and safe environment in the upbringing stage.


You can notice the beginning signs of depression. Consequently, early detection can help to overcome this problem with the least points of loss.


If you share your son’s feelings, thoughts, and know their close friends, you can discover this behavior and overcome it before getting developed.

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After trying the former stages without any improvement and your teenager is really depressed, you can consult specialists. They can use the suitable treatment of certain activities and certain medicine if it’s needed.

In conclusion, teen depression is common psychological problem teenagers face in our modern life with different signs and symptoms. That turning from childhood to adulthood is a difficult period for a child to come through. You can talk to your sons to detect whether they can manage their state or are overwhelmed and need urgent help.

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