Slow Processing Speed; Effects And Solutions

Slow Processing Speed

Have you ever noticed that your child has one or more of the following signs before? They forget to do homework, lack focus on picking small details. Also, have difficulties in completing maths questions and understanding the instructions. Moreover, the inability to make decisions immediately. Therefore, I think the questions below occurred to your mind before. Read more about slow processing speed.

What is slow processing speed means? 

As we mentioned before, if your child has a specific difficulty and mainly in the cognitive skills such as remembering, reasoning, attention, making decisions, and processing, that means they might have a low average processing speed.

Slow processing speed means that the child has slow or weak processing in digesting the information.

They actually are not stupid but just can’t remember all the instructions and details that the teacher gives in the class, this may lead them to miss some information and tasks which have to be done by the next class. Teachers call them “lazy” and “careless”, but they should recognize the individual differences among students. So, everyone has a particular ability of processing and understanding. 

Above all, the students, who process things slower than their peers, may affect their interaction in the class and their feeling anxiety. So, the teacher should be aware of the method of how to treat those students normally and make sure that they do not feel that they are struggling.   

Is slow processing speed considered a kind of learning disability? 

Learning disabilities are disorders that interfere with the learning process such as writing, reading, processing maths and sciences subjects, calculating, and writing. It also can affect the skills they need for academic success like time planning, organizing, concentration, attention, reasoning, and memory.

Simply put, the child, who has a slow processing speed, could not able to keep up with the class as other peers. It is a disorder that affects the process of learning effectively. 

Furthermore, slow processing speed is similar to a muscle, it becomes strong with regular exercising. Brain and memory also need training by motivated and targeted activities to activate the memory. For this concern, you can contact ABC Diagnostic and Learning Center for booking an appointment for BrainRX training. From this point, we would urge you to move to the next section below where you can help your children to get better processing. 

How do parents and teachers help to raise slow processing speed?

Both parents at home and teachers in the schools should work together on enhancing the kid’s abilities and skills by using some activities that could help them get better in the future as follows: 

  1. Employ pictures and charts when you want to explain a new lesson.
  2. A good teacher should write down instructions for tasks.
  3. Follow up with your students through a safe connection through phone or email.
  4. Organization; through dividing the large tasks into simple steps; to be manageable by students.
  5. Understand your student’s differences and giving them the chance to explain their answers to you verbally.
  6. Use the reinforcement method when the student says the right answer.
  7. Give your students extra time for exams and homework. 
  8. Make a list of steps to help your students to process what they going to do in the next step. 
  9. The teacher should allow students to help each other and work in pairs to take notes during the class.

During Covid-19 the number of people who transformed towards online services has risen, for this reason, many institutions and companies made their first step forward starting their businesses online. ABC Diagnostic and Learning Center is providing multiple services for the child with disabilities, autism, slow processing, learning and reading difficulties as follows:

Academic intervention

Speech therapy

Brain training

Occupational therapy

counseling services

Play therapy

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