Is Autism Disorder Spectrum Caused By Genetics In The First Place?

What causes the Autism disorder spectrum? Autism is one of the most diseases that spread globally. According to several researches that have shown among 59 children there is one child who has autism. So, the unlogic number of autistic children prompted many scientific research and doctors to deeply search for the leading cause that increases the prevalence of autism lately.
In this article, we will shed light on the genetic factors that could be one of the reasons for ADS. Do not miss out on this informative article.

Is Autism Disorder Spectrum Caused By Genetics In The First Place?


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Is genetics cause autism?

Some researchers suggest that the main cause of ADS is genes, which families are the most segment that may affect. But still, there is no clear explanation that confirms the relationship between autism and heredity; due to the complexity of autism genes.

For instance, a family that has a child with autism, they have an obsession with having another kid with the same case. In other words, If one parent carries one or more autism genes, they may pass them to their child. So, the risk of having another child affected with autism is almost around one in five children. 

Ultimately, these genes do not necessarily cause autism by themselves but may likely increase the risk of autism.

What are the reasons that lie behind autism disorder spectrum? 

What causes autism disorder spectrum maybe pregnancy and childbirth factors!

Mothers that face complications through childbirth may give birth to a child with autism If the mother has bacterial or viral infections during her pregnancy, this is also a reasonable factor that may lead to having a child with autism. 

Also, there are other factors is that the mother has gestational diabetes and folic acid deficiency that may affect her baby. Moreover, mothers may take some medicines like anti-depression and vitamins that affect her baby. But, there is no clear clue about the main reason behind autism. 

Environmental related factors 

Some up-to-date research has revealed that autism is also attributed to environmental causes. Scholars are studying the main cause of autism until the present day. 

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