Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and Autism Spectrum Disorders

Many behavioral therapies have been used to treat young children with autism spectrum disorders (ASD), including Applied Behavior Analysis and Pivotal Response Training. Older children, teens, and adults with ASD may benefit from […]

AccelerateRx program

AccelerateRx program

AccelerateRx is an intensive, comprehensive, personalised brain training program that develops the foundational skills that are the prerequisites for learning. Every child needs these foundational skills. In order to process […]

What Is BrainRx? Method & Features


Is your child showing signs of inattention or loss of focus, weak or diminishing learning, failure to follow instructions, struggling with school work? BrainRX combines personal and digital training to […]

Dyslexia: Definition, Causes & Treatment


Some students struggle more in school and take a longer time to read. Facing trouble processing words which can also make it hard to spell, write, and speak clearly. This […]

ADD and ADHD: Is There A Difference?


If you hear people say ADD instead of ADHD, it may not be clear what they mean or what the difference is. That’s because ADD is an old term. For […]