Four bad habits for kids you should stop!

Kids’ bad habits sometimes are annoying and embarrassing, habits that could appear or gradually develop. We have to be conscious of such attitudes and deal with those actions carefully. The bad habits we should to break are: Nail-biting: This bad and unhealthy behavior causes illness. Nail-biting or chewing may remain with him or her even […]

How to avoid going through Teen depression?


What do know about a depressed teenager? Depression is an unhealthy state of mind in which the person feels sad most of the time. Loss of interest in most activities is another sign of depression. It affects differently from a teenager to another on how she/he feels, behaves, and thinks. Therefore, that leads to emotional, […]

5 Signs Of Wrong Upbringing You Should Avoid!


Param Pujya Dada says, “Every young adult has the potential power to help the entire world. He just needs the right guidance and support.” Consequently, children should have good experiences in the early childhood stages. This shapes the child’s brain and his/her capacity to learn, deal with others, and to respond life stresses and challenges. […]

How To Deal With Kids’ Jealousy

kids jealousy

Jealousy is regarded as a normal human behavior at all ages and no one can deny this; as long as it is within certain limits. The presence of excessive jealousy causes family problems, especially in children. It is one thing that concerns parents and they seek different solutions to control this undesirable behavior. However, parents […]

What Do You Know About Tourette syndrome?

Tourette syndrome

Did you hear about Tourette’s syndrome? Tourette syndrome is a condition of the nervous system and is characterized by multiple motor and vocal tics.   People with Tourette syndrome can’t control or stop those sudden repetitive movements or sounds. For example, a person may continue blinking repeatedly. Types of tics: Physical: They are movements of […]

Coping With Stubborn Child: Causes And Solutions

You hardly can find a home without a stubborn child! What are the main reasons for stubbornness, and how can we overcome that? Firstly, let’s learn what is stubbornness in children. Stubbornness is a bad habit in children, represented by clinging to their opinions and not listening to the parents’ speech or their teacher. Also, […]